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A passage about china wall

The Great Wall of China is the largest defence fortification and the greatest building  enterprise ever undertaken by man. About 1500 miles long, this unique wall stretches  from the Gulf of Chili of the Yellow Sea along the northern frontier of China to  Kansu Province in the west. The width of this wall varies from 15 to 40 feet at the  base, and from 12 to 35 feet at the summit. Its height ranges from 20 to 50 feet. It is  the only structure on earth that can be identified from the moon.  Walled frontiers between the kingdoms in China date from at least the 4th century  BC. In the 3rd century BC, the first emperor of "Ch'in", after uniting China, linked up  the existing walls and built new sections to create the Great Wall as a continuous unit.  His purpose was to defend China from the Huns on the north. Watch towers and  garrison stations were set at regular intervals in order to send signals and guard the  bulwark. The wall was constructed in such a way that troops summoned by beacon  fire could be quickly transported along its top.   The wall was built mostly of rubble, although the western sections are of tamped  earth and important passes are of brick or masonry. The wall was frequently modified  in later centuries. Some of its sections were built in the15th and 16th centuries with  new facilities of high towers. Before that, extensive repairs and extensions were made  at various periods, notably during the Ming dynasty.  1. 

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